why is it important to eat a variety of foods

Do you usually eat the same foods all the time? If yes, it means that you should change by starting to eat various foods as they offer more benefits. Below are some of the reasons why you should eat a variety of foods.

By exposing our bodies to a wide variety of foods, we increase the likelihood of developing a greater diversity of healthy bacteria in our guts. Notably, there is no single food that contains all the nutrients required. As a result, we end up benefiting from enhanced immunity, reduced allergies, and protection against obesity. For instance, by eating varied foods rich in protein and fats, you can obtain several amino acids and fatty acids. These components are essential for connective tissue healing, mood stabilization, cognitive health, and cholesterol balance.

Eating the same food can eventually make you bored. But when you eat varied foods, your palate is kept happy since you will always expose it to new flavors. Additionally, eating a variety of foods reduces the chances of developing food intolerance or allergy.

Every food has its unique nutrients and also its unique toxicities, many of which occur naturally. Our bodies can only deal with some degree of toxins from the foods we eat. By eating a variety of foods, you minimize the number of toxins that you can get. As a result, your body will not be overwhelmed in eliminating from the body.

Finally, if you think it’s challenging to consume various foods, you can try alternating various whole grains, healthy fats, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. In general, eating a wide of foods protects our bodies from harmful toxins and diseases.