How Sleep Affects Your Running Performance

When a person is running for fun or for a sport they need to make sure they get enough sleep. If a person is not getting enough sleep it will have some impacts on their running performance.


Runners that are sleep deprived run out of energy 11 percent sooner than those that got enough sleep. This can mean the difference between quitting and finishing a race.


People that are sleep deprived are not able to sweat as much as those that sleep well. When working out and running sweat will help cool the body down. Those that are not able to sweat will overheat faster.


When a person is sleeping the muscles have time to heal and recover. When a person is not getting enough sleep the muscles are not able to heal properly. This can put them at an increased risk of injury.

Immune system

Lack of sleep can lead to trouble with the immune system and weaken it. This will increase the chance a runner has for catching a cold or developing inflammation.

These are some of the disadvantages a runner will experience if they do not get enough sleep. Sleep is important for their body and their performance.