Foods that reduce stomach acidity

Plenty of people experience the symptoms of having high levels of stomach acid which include bloating, nausea, heartburn, and more. The amount of acid you have in your stomach depends on what you eat. Therefore, it only makes sense to commit to a healthy diet to control the symptoms. Here are a few foods that reduce stomach acidity.


Not only are vegetables low in sugar and fat, but they also help reduce stomach acid. Leafy greens, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, potatoes, and/or asparagus are a few examples. Additionally, a diversity of vegetables can add more flavor to soups, sandwiches, and other delicious meals.


The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger root make it useful for treating gastrointestinal problems such as heartburn. You can ease your symptoms by drinking ginger tea or adding sliced or grated ginger root to a smoothie. In fact, ginger has a chemical in it that’s often used as an ingredient in antacids.

Watery Foods

Watery foods, such as cucumber or watermelon, aid in weakening stomach acid. Other examples of foods containing a high amount of water are lettuce, broth-based soups, and celery. You can eat these as a snack, or include them in a healthy diet plan.

Taking care of your health is important for personal happiness, career success, and healthy relationships. Eating healthy foods can also help you improve your mental health, focus better, and be more physically fit. Everyone deserves to have a positive mindset, so get motivated to eat a healthy diet.