5 quick warm-ups for runners

Running without warm-up does not cute. There are some running warm-ups out there, that are not effective. It would help if you did some effective workouts before you run to prepare your body for work. Here are some warm-ups that will get your body completely ready for the run.


You will have to do two different types of leg swings for your pre-run warm-up. To do the leg swings forward, you will have to stand straight and start swinging your leg forward and backward. You must do 10 reps for each of your legs.

For the second type of leg swing, you will have to stand straight and swing your leg out to the side and swing it back in front of the foot you are standing on. Repeat the same on the other leg. You should do 10 reps for each leg.


Hip rotations are of two types, which include: the rotation of the internal hip and external hip. First, let’s start by rotation of the external of the hip. For doing this, you have to stand on one leg while picking up the other leg, bend it and rotate it in external motion. Do the same with the other leg. For the internal leg rotation, your position will be the same, but you will have to rotate your hip in the internal motion. Do 8 repetitions of this exercise for each leg.


To perform a slow walking lunge, you have to start by taking a big step forward, bend the other leg, make a big action ahead with this leg, then bent the other leg up, bent it, and took a big step forward with it. This is similar to walking.


Carioca is also known as grapevines. It is performed by skipping with one leg over the other by keeping a straight line on your feet. For this purpose, you have to drive one knee up to activate the hip more. 10 steps of carioca in each direction will be good for your pre-run warm-up.


To perform a quad stretch, you will have to stand and balance yourself on one leg, pull your other foot towards your buttock. Make sure that your knee is facing downwards. You will feel the stretch, but if you need more stretch, you can pull your hip back behind you into the

These pre-running warm-ups will help your body prepare for a run, prevent injuries, and relax your muscles. You can also walk slowly before your run. Warming up before a run is important for your body as it activates your muscles and gives you better performance while running. These warm-ups will increase your muscles and tissues flexibility and will allow your body to move fast. Warming up before a run will also improve your mental focus.